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Digital Commerce Companies


Any digital business, duly organised in accordance with local business laws.

Digital Payment Services Provider with appropriate regulatory authorisations to operate the payment services

Viability Requirements:

a. A public Open Source Policy: with more than 50% of technology stack powered or pledged to be powered with open source technology.

b. An active Cloud Infrastructure Strategy.

c. A Public Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Management and Recovery Policy.

d. A Public Pledge of Action against Climate Change and a policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Digital Commerce's workspace.

Benefits of Association:

Org member bodies can avail following benefits:

  1. Increased representation in open source product lifecycle of the core financial technology stack of your services.

  2. Reduced regulatory burdens of labour, tax, digital services legislation in cross national recruitment(s), human capital and Intellectual Property conflicts.

  3. Quick scale on digital commerce access agenda with a financial technology stack (Foundation maintained digital public services and Open Constitution Tenancy ecosystem).

  4. Avail benefits from Foundation's open governance layer into your case study of financial services use case.

  5. Active participation in Feedback lifecycle to Foundation's Open Research with a verified Open Access to Foundation's digital public resource.

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