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ID Verification

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Types of identification

Network accepts these documents to verify your identity:

  • Passport (photo page only)

  • National ID card

  • Photo driver’s licence ( NOT ACTIVE Electronic Driving Licence)

Voter ID, University or Employee card are not admissible for verifying your base profile on the Open Bank Portal.

Certain Exceptions

Exceptions exist for the Sentient Bot to process certain types of verification documents:

Details when you are a resident of below:(i.e your registered address at Open Bank portal)

Residing In

Not Acceptable



Electronic Driving Licence

Passport, National ID


Ration Card,

Passport, Aadhar Card, PAN card

New Zealand

Kiwi Access Card



My Number Card (both sides), My Number notification slip, or Jūminhyō with My Number on it


Brazilian issued ID card: although this card may not have an expiry date, we can only accept it if it’s been issued in the past 15 years. (front and back)

driving licence (front and back), passport


Paper-slips, regional IDs or voter ID documents.

passports, driving licences and the most recent Nigerian national ID.




Refugees and Stateless individuals

paper based documents like those issued by Spain and Italy.

See note II below.

Note I: Residing in Russia?

For natural persons who are already a member of the network, and are in Russia, need to Self Verify

For members who have an ID document issued by Russia, it cannot be accepted due to the statutory nature of Open Constitution network’s existence as Muellners Foundation in Europe and subsequently executed economic sanctions against Russia.

What other types of documents are acceptable for such cases of Self Verification?

  • Passport from another country e.g another citizenship or refugee ID

  • Driving licence from another country

  • Permanent residency card/Work visa

  • Copy of naturalization or citizenship certificate

  • Student or other visa valid for more than 6 months

Keep in mind that any document uploaded on the Association’s network, should contain your name, photo and date of birth ─ if not, a new, acceptable document might be asked, when the network’s Artificial Intelligence notifies you. This may delay the verification process or interrupt your E Residency lease.

What does the community do with ID information?

Protecting membership information is very important to the Foundation. All data, financial details, or documents that a member uploads on the Open Constitution network are stored securely, encrypted, and kept private as per network’s Data Residency Policy.

The network’s Artificial Intelligence: Sentient Bot will email you once the document status is verified and your E Residency lease is approved. So be sure to check your email Inbox.

Troubleshooting verification 

We hope you don’t have any issues with the automated verification process of the Open Constitution network. Should you have some issues, here are a few tips:

If your document was not accepted and you have received an email with

''Verification Status Rejected''

Possible Reasons of Document Rejection:

  • It may have some of the information covered. Network AI: Sentient Bot can only process the full document photo page.

  • It may be expired. Please check that your document is still valid before you upload it.

  • Member details may not match. Please check that you have entered your name and date of birth correctly on the Open Bank portal while creating an account.

  • Network AI: Sentient Bot may also need to process the back of the document. If there is information on both sides, please make sure you have uploaded both.

  • It may be a document type that the network AI:Sentient Bot can’t accept.

  • It may be in a format that the Network AI: Sentient Bot can’t accept, like a PDF. File supported formats and file sizes are listed here.

Reach out to Open Bank Help Center, for further troubleshooting verification status.

Note II: Verification for refugees and Stateless individuals

The community understands that it can be difficult for people with refugee status to open a bank account in their new country, let alone access economic and social services.

So, here’s a list of the documents that the Open Constitution network can accept to process and verify your identity if you have taken a refuge. This is either for the country you’ve settled in, or your place of origin.


  • Passport

  • State identification card/driver’s licence

  • Permanent resident card, also called a green card

  • Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document (EAD), also called a work permit

Green cards or work permits if your address is in Nevada, Hawaii, Mariana Islands, or the Virgin Islands.


  • Passport

  • Canadian refugee travel document

  • Permanent resident card


  • Alien’s passport (Stateless Person, NY Convention of 28th September 1954)

  • Travel document (Refugees, Geneva Convention 28th July 1951)

  • Any ID document from an EEA member country — like a passport or ID card — that clearly confirms refugee status

Network can’t accept-paper based documents like those issued by Spain and Italy.

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