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Is my Vault balance protected by a Statute of any Central Bank? If things break down, can I access my Vault and withdraw Social Credits?

Your Vault is a representation of digital and contributions activity, into and out of a collective pool of assets, held by a Self Independent, Non Profit Association.

Your Vault and a Vault balance is a property on the balance sheet of the Foundation. You activate your Vault with an E Residency plan in your account.

Association laws therefore apply in local jurisdictions, wherever Foundation has a Fiscal Host.

Foundation is NOT a banking entity or a payment service entity, with a banking license, regulated by a Central Bank, where Foundation operates. We use third party banking services and vendors, whose services comply with one or more Financial Supervision Authorities.

So dripping down to simplicity, your Vault activities are primarily governed by Association laws and statutes for voluntary associations, and member union laws, and your Vault related activities are therefore protected by what Foundation adopts as Articles of Association.

Read Global Statutes here.

Your access of resources into and out of the Vault is benchmarked with International Financial Reporting Standards, adopted by the Foundation.

In simpler words, when you put your own contributions into the Vault to increase the Social Credits balance, or when you receive a payout, these third party events are governed by digital commerce, and financial supervision regulations of the economy where the member resides, and which the Foundation brings its compliance levels to.

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