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Activating Public Agency Access

If you are a member of a Public Agency, instituted by an act of Public, e.g Public Governance Agencies, Financial Supervisory Authorities, Economic Trade Supervision Authorities, Financial Crimes, Cyber Crimes Supervision Authorities, Data Protection Authorities, you are therefore requesting a subscribed access to the network, using an official email ((ends with .gov/.your-agency-domain-name.countryTLD). The steps below shall guide you for Account Creation.

Step 1: Setup Open Bank Account

Visit or Apply for Access here.

Please provide necessary information, and supply consent to Network policies, on behalf of your Organisation. Upon Submitting the application, you shall see the below response on your screen.


Email Confirmation:

After submitting the application, in most account cases, you shall receive an email requesting Activation as below;

Please follow the instructions(Click on the button with the link) in the email and set up a password to activate your account.


Exception: In some case, an Account creation might get on hold by the network AI for a manual review: AI needs human assistance for case processing.

You shall receive an email like below. Don’t worry. Please wait for 7-14 days and the Account status may change. Change in status will also be notified to your registration email.

Relevant Read:

  1. Global Statutes and Articles of Association for governing laws and Foundation’s Legal Impunity for Open Constitution Network’s Response Time for executing Request as below:

a. Warrant for Information Disclosure by a competent court in a jurisdiction, where Foundation has a statutory presence

b. General Information Disclosure on a Network Property or Project

c. Warrant for Information Disclosure on a Network Property or Project

2. Read Case Processing Time here. COMING SOON

3. URGENT WARRANTS: Please raise a Support Ticket at the Foundation Help Center for any Warrant related to Financial Crimes Assistance, or Terror Financing, which requires Urgent Attention, and your agency seeks Network Co-operation.

Oops! Your Open Bank Account got held up by Network AI

Congrats! Your Account is now Active. Please Login.


Exception: If your Account was held for manual review by the Network AI and was finally approved by a human member, you should receive an email like below, with instructions for login in and setting up your password.


Email announcing Approved Org Account


You can visit or follow the link in the email to Login by setting up your Account Password.

Note: Once logged in, you will be required to setup 2 Factor Authentication to secure access to any Trust keys. Read User Manual for setting up 2 FA here.

Login Screen

Complete Profile at Open bank

Please provide necessary information, and supply consent to Network policies. Please provide necessary information, and supply consent to Network policies. Network AI: Sentient Bot will be sending you Reminder Notifications in your email during this period. AI will delete or suspend any incomplete Profile beyond this period.


Step 2: Account Verification:

All self governing activities on the Open Constitution network are conditional to a verified Ownership of member account. Any contracts which a member may sign on the Open Bank portal are executed, conditional to their Account Verification Status.
The Network AI can change the Verification Status, drop or hold the Status and ask for a human review. It is recommended to keep your account Verified.

For Public Agency Access Accounts, your account may require to be verified as part of network policy.

You generally do not have to do anything to request verification. Please wait for avg. Case processing time.

In case, if you want to place an Urgent Account Verification, you have the option to do so.

To request verification, once logged in, please click on Request Verification in Account Settings.

If your account is verified, you should receive an email like below.

Email for Account verification

Result: Auditor/Regulator Access

Access is now activated.

You will be notified by email when your access is activated. This is generally done within 7-14 days.

Access Trust Keys and Restricted Content to unlock resources.

Visit this page for accessing Trust keys. Here you can manage your Trust keys(API) linked with your Public Agency Access account, access your API Downloads, and any other E lease Downloads.

Step 3: Activate Public Agency Individual Keys(only required for Non Auditor Access) ADDITIONAL

Result: Public Agency Individual Access

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