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What is E Residency?

The Open Constitution network is an open source governance protocol that allows artificial intelligence and humans to interact on a globally distributed machine network. By creating a Citizenship Account/Declaration, individuals can register their human rights on a self-organizing ledger. The network is accessible to the entire population of Earth and provides mechanisms for secure access to its resources. Additionally, citizens can activate an E Residency program on the network, which grants them access to their rights as outlined in the constitution's articles. This residency comes with the ability to manage data residency, access settings, and make voluntary contributions.

In this article, we are describing the citizenship access to the Open Constitution network.

Articles of Association of Open Constitution describe an open source governance protocol between artificial intelligence and humans, active on a globally distributed machine network.

Open Constitution network(OC Network) is a cyber space, which is constituted by self organised and self independent association of humans and machine.

This Digital public service network, licensed under the Open Constitution license, is by principle and design, accessible to the whole population of planet Earth.

Individuals do so by creating a Citizenship Account/Declaration. By creating a citizenship profile of natural persons, who adopt the Open Constitution, you are basically registering your human rights on a Self organising ledger.

Foundation is creating mechanisms and robotic automations to provide access to this Self organising ledger, by principle and design, using the Open Access charters, connecting digital footprint of citizen activity to Planet’s Resource.

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For example, Individuals, and Organisations such as Companies, Associations, Universities, Banks, Public Agencies etc can access the open source intelligence by activating a secure access to the network.

What is E Residency?

Citizens can therefore activate an E Residency on the Open Constitution network. An E Residency is a type of electronic residency program on the Open Constitution network, which sets up a citizen’s access to their rights, as part of the constitution’s articles.

E Residency is activated as a lease on the Open Constitution network. An E Residency lease comes with citizen’s ability to Self manage their data residency, access settings to the network’s assets, and their voluntary contributions.

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