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What is Startup Tenancy Verification?

Startups who have successfully applied and were approved for Startup Tenancy submit documents for verifications and due diligence before their account is activated on the Open bank portal.

Startups are registered by network members.

Approved startup tenants on the Open constitution network shall have to upload and store for records certain documents, which make them eligible for the benefits on the network.

Network AI: Sentient Bot collects and processes these documents in accordance to the Foundation’s data residency policy.

Startups submit legal registration documents used for Entity Verification, when they activate Startup Tenancy lease.

Read Documents collected for Entity Verification, which members should upload.

Besides this, a startup must also upload additional information and complete their directory listing, and securely upload following documents for Foundation’s records:

Upload additional documents to Open Constitution network’s Startup Directory Sandboxes hereCOMING SOON

Additional Documents Type:

Document Type

Repository Location

Additional Remarks

B Plan

Directory Sandbox location


Financial Projections

Directory Sandbox location


Product, Idea or Use case Presentation/Note

Directory Sandbox location


These additional documents are sometimes part of a trade secret or private property. Network is an association of Intellectual property assets and therefore employed best practices to keep these documentation confidential and use only to process the activation of Startup tenancy.

Note: A complete, public profile of a Directory Account is required for verifying a Startup Tenancy Account. The Status of Service Request for any type of Startup tenancy Access (Incubator/Accelerator) will stay pending, if the profile is not complete.

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